Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekly Weigh In - Week 3

This was a rough week - it was a holiday week, it was stressful, it just wasn't my best week.

But I didn't gain.  I was shocked this morning when I weighed in and had not gained anything.

I learned something in this last week, I have two choices when life is stressful, I can eat myself sick- or I can pray about it and find something useful to do.  For the first time, I chose the later.  In the past if I had a "bad" week and didn't lose, or gained, I wanted to give up and quit.  I am not doing that this time.  I am starting fresh today - back into my routine, low carb, no skipping meals then binging later (and over eating).

How do you handle rough weeks?  Or holiday meals?  We had some healthier options this year and all the extra desserts that were left went to work with my sweet husband today.  (I made a new dessert, man was it good!)
Leave a comment on what great choices you made this week!

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