Friday, May 27, 2011

Always At The Right Time...

Remembering back over the last year I can't help but think that it has flown by.  It seems like just yesterday we were packing up to stay at my parents home while we made some home improvements in our own house.  That's right, we got our referral call on May 16, 2010 then voluntarily chose to tear apart a large chunk of our main living space and remodel.  Ourselves. Yes, we are crazy.

I was looking back over my journal from that time as well, and remembering the sermon series at our Church last summer - called "Summer In The Psalms".  I think God planned that series for me. 

In one of my journal entries I  wrote about Psalm 1, verses 1-3 (NIV)

" Blessed be the one who does not walk in the steps of the wicked,
Or sit in the seat of mockers
But whose delight is in the Law of the Lord, 
and who mediates on His law day and night.
That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, 
which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither-
whatever they do prospers!"

At the point I was reading/writing this we had just accepted our referral and were waiting for that precious travel call to come.  I knew in my heart that our adoption was ordained by God, that He alone had spread the path before us.  But it was still hard to wait - oh so hard to wait.  In reading this passage one part stuck out to me and has stuck with me since.  The best fruit comes when the time is right.  Not before it is ready, not after.  When the time is right - the tree yields the fruit. If you try to pick the fruit too early it is hard and bitter, too late and it is soft and spoiled, unusable. You have to wait for just the right time.

 The call would come when it was time - not a moment before or a moment after.  I have learned a lot about waiting on God, and it isn't always easy. There were times during our infertility and adoption that  I was so angry at God, but that is another post.  What I have learned is that God's timing and plan is the best, the most beautiful - but getting there isn't always the easiest.  Although, you do get the best fruit.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vanishing Cucumber Squares

Over the weekend we attended a party, and I brought these cool, refreshing summer snacks! They were a hit!
Here is the recipe - I don't remember where I originally found the recipe, but I am sure that this is not the original recipe!

Vanishing Cucumber Squares

(Single Batch- I usually double this)

1 Seedless Cucumber (Sometimes called English Cucumbers)
1 brick of Cream Cheese (either regular or light - do not use fat free)
1/2 small container of Plain Greek Yogurt
Packet of Italian Salad Dressing Mix (Like Good Seasons Zesty Italian)
Package of Pumpernickel cocktail bread
Toasted Sesame Seeds

1.)  Thinly slice the cucumber - I use a handheld ceramic mandolin style slicer pictured below.  (NOTE: ALWAYS use the safety guard with this!)

If you do not have one of these you can use a sharp knife to slice the cucumber as thin as you can.

2.) In a small bowl combine the cream cheese, yogurt, and Italian Dressing Mix with a handheld mixer
(This can be done as far as 24 hours ahead)

3.)  Spread the mix on to the Pumpernickel cocktail bread, top with the sliced cucumber. After plating top with the toasted sesame seeds for garnish

You can also us french bread if you do not like pumpernickel

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

As I finished the dishes Monday evening I looked out to see this in the back yard.  At that moment, my heart swelled and I could not think of a thing I would change about this moment.  I love these two!

Friday, May 20, 2011

What's In a Name...

I have been asked how I came up with the name for my blog.  Since you asked so nicely, I will tell you.

I have often read and love the story in Exodus when the Israelites fled Egypt and wandered in the dessert.  They chose to follow God, and left everything behind.  They were, if you will, in the barren land.  They were hungry, and could not find anything to eat.  The Lord responds with "I will rain down bread from heaven for you, the people are to go out each day and gather enough for that day..." (Exodus 16:4 a).  God provided what they needed for each day.  Each day they had to go out and find it, it may not have been what they wanted - but they were fed.

In some of the darkest times of my life I have been reminded of this.  God will provide for you each and every day.  Your physical and emotional needs will be met.  It may not be the way you would like to have them met, but they will be met.  I have known the Lord as my Savior for almost 22 years and I still need to learn this lesson.  Jesus tells us that when we choose to follow Him that we will not always have an easy life.  As a picture in my mind I see that I am on my own trek across the barren land and along they way the Lord provides me with what I need to make it.  Oasis of rest when I just can't take another step - places where my soul and mind are restored.  Finding what I need, and seeing that God has provided.

To be honest, part of this also is a play on words.  I found the most rest, the most provision during the time I was (and am) physically barren.  During the times that God gave my soul just what I needed.  I found food in the barren land.

So welcome to my little place on the web.  I have had this blog for some time, and felt it was time to go back there.  You will see some older posts, and I will be migrating a few posts from my other blog here. I plan to share a little of my life with all of you.  I hope you enjoy and join the journey of finding your own food along the way!