Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vanishing Cucumber Squares

Over the weekend we attended a party, and I brought these cool, refreshing summer snacks! They were a hit!
Here is the recipe - I don't remember where I originally found the recipe, but I am sure that this is not the original recipe!

Vanishing Cucumber Squares

(Single Batch- I usually double this)

1 Seedless Cucumber (Sometimes called English Cucumbers)
1 brick of Cream Cheese (either regular or light - do not use fat free)
1/2 small container of Plain Greek Yogurt
Packet of Italian Salad Dressing Mix (Like Good Seasons Zesty Italian)
Package of Pumpernickel cocktail bread
Toasted Sesame Seeds

1.)  Thinly slice the cucumber - I use a handheld ceramic mandolin style slicer pictured below.  (NOTE: ALWAYS use the safety guard with this!)

If you do not have one of these you can use a sharp knife to slice the cucumber as thin as you can.

2.) In a small bowl combine the cream cheese, yogurt, and Italian Dressing Mix with a handheld mixer
(This can be done as far as 24 hours ahead)

3.)  Spread the mix on to the Pumpernickel cocktail bread, top with the sliced cucumber. After plating top with the toasted sesame seeds for garnish

You can also us french bread if you do not like pumpernickel

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